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Our favourite headphones.

Posted by Steve Cox on

We have taken it upon ourselves to test a range of headphones to ensure that they are value for money and have the sound quality to match.

Our range of headphones vary in prices and with headphones you really get what you pay for, thats why most earphones that come with mobile phone are not very good and people quickly buy something better.

1. KD-ED2 Metal Earphones


Link Here

I have been using these ear buds for the past 3 months and for the money they are pretty good , very warm sound and not too overbearing. The design is pretty good and they have a good weight to them and feel well made. They come in a couple of metal colours and the wire feels premium. I would recommend these as an instant upgrade from your phone earphones and you can choose with or without a microphone.


2. AWEI ESQ9 Wooden Earphones.

Link here

These look pretty good in the wood effect and have a decent sound to match.

A great looking design at a great value price with plenty of bass which can be tough for small ear buds. They don't compete with something like the Sennheiser CX300-II but they are good value for money at a quarter of the price.


3. Bluedio TS2 Shooting Brake

Link here

 A good looking full size headphone available in a number of colours which are proving to be really popular worldwide. A fairly new unknown brand that seem to be making a name for themselves. A full on ear sound with some great features at an affordable price.


4. Aniwk Sports Bluetooth Headphones

Aniwk Bluetooth Headphones

Link Here

These sports headphones are proving really popular in the store and are perfect running headphones for the low price. These aren't audiophile quality but will be perfect for your workout regime.

Available in a range of colours to suit everyone and sporting an inline microphone and volume control these are the perfect bluetooth headphone for those who want quality at a great price.


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